at the Living Classroom in Bonsley Wood, Norton Lane, Durweston, Blandford. DT11 0QE.

This is a very special place in a beautiful glade in the woods. It is a great opportunity to spend the day walking, looking and drawing in a very unique environment as there is no vehicle access to the site outside of specified dates and courses.

The Living Classroom is run by the Dorset Coppice Group. It comprises an area of approximately 30 acres of mixed, broadleaved woodland known as Bonsley Wood, together with a classroom, toilets, water and power.

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Bonsley Wood                                                                                                    The Living Classroom

Woods and trees give an ever changing source of inspiration for drawing and no more so than in this beautiful location.

Using charcoal, graphite and pencil we will look at ways of making marks and creating the lights and shadows of dappled woods.

We will consider the importance of tone in a drawing - how light or dark a colour is rather than what the actual colour is. Working in monotones only will help us understand why tonal values really matter in our drawings to make sense of an image.

Matisse said in his A Painters Notes, 1908,

"When I have found the relationship of all the tones the result must be a living harmony of all the tones, a harmony not unlike that of a musical composition."

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The morning will consist of demonstrations and experimenting with various techniques and then, weather permitting, we can work outside (or stay in if you prefer) for the rest of the day.

£70 including all materials