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Exhibitions 2021

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20th April  - 8th May. 2021


183 - 185 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3U4

BEING WITH TREES brings together a contemporary response to trees by artists who live in urban and rural environments. These painters and printmakers are associated with two contemporary organisations: The Arborealists, which includes artists from the South West, South East, Yorkshire, London and Wales, France and Ireland, and the Urban Contemporaries, whose artists live in London.

BEING WITH TREES celebrates their shared love of trees and the vital role they can play in all our lives, in terms of our Well-Being, Identity and Sociability, and our understanding of Ecology and Climatic Change.

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Both studios open 12 - 4 on May:  Sat 22nd, Thurs 27th, Fri 28th and Sat 29th and June:  Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th.

By appointment at other times.

Ring 07957 452 853

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Artmill Gallery
83 Hyde Park Road

01752 255020

21st August -

18th September

S A N C T U A R Y    29th September - 5th October

Shaftesbury Arts Centre, 13, Bell Street, Shaftesbury. SP7 8AR

Painting - Rachel Sargent      Poetry - Catherine Simmonds

A reflection on our own personal search for places of sanctuary


Always the same

impossible attempt

to hear a place’s own voice - 

a hidden world's

creatures shifting

in the leaves

the sunken lane

the badger setts

crumbling walls, moss,

water’s runnel

the drovers’ holly cut out

for the power lines

so foxgloves

and strange flowers

I cannot place

rise up to replace the

shuttered dark.

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