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Mono and Lino Printing

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durdle door 2.jpg
durdle door 3.jpg

This is a lovely combination of monoprinting and linocutting where you design a simple image that can be printed over different coloured backgrounds. The monoprinted backgrounds are made through painting on sheets of acetate (or any shiny surface) in a very quick and loose way and then placing paper over to take a print. You can achieve some wonderful movement and light in this process.

Design, cut and print your own linocuts in the morning as well as creating quick and simple monoprinted backgrounds which can be printed on in the afternoon.

£70 including all materials.



The day runs from 10.30 - 4.00. Classes are very relaxed  in the spacious Mill Room at Springhead overlooking the lake and gardens. There will be plenty of help and individual tuition during the day.

Teas and coffees available throughout the day. Bring a packed lunch.


Springhead Gardens. There will be time to wander round the beautiful gardens during your breaks if you wish

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