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 Studio Sale

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Rachel Sargent 60 (1).jpg
Full Moon copy_edited.jpg

All these works are original and hand printed in my studio from either my Victorian etching press or book press.


They are printed as part of a limited edition. The fractions after the title indicate the number of the print and the total number of prints in the edition, for example '6/20' means the print is number 6 within an edition of 20. As you will notice I make great variations between my prints so each one is unique.

Unless otherwise stated each work is presented in a white or off-white mount which  has a  2" border all round and they come in a protective cellophane envelope. Measurements are the outside dimensions of the mount.

I am in the process of listings these on my shop page where you can buy them direct from this site. 

If you are interested in anything which is not yet listed please contact me here.

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