Two Block Linocuts 

at the studio. Gold Hill Organic Farm, Child Okeford. DT11 8HB

A multi block linocut is where you carve an individual block for each colour of a print.  You then print one colour over another. Since each block is separate it is possible to experiment with colour variations of the same image.

In this workshop I will demonstrate the basics of designing a two colour plate, how to transfer the images on to the lino, techniques of cutting and printing. You will also learn how to register the blocks so your two prints are aligned properly.

It is useful, but not essential, to have done a linocutting workshop previous to this one.

The day runs from 10.30 - 4 . Classes are very relaxed in the studio with classes of no more than four. There will be plenty of help and individual tuition during the day.

Teas and coffees available throughout the day. Bring a packed lunch or you can get a delicious

lunch at the cafe on site

Cost is £70 including all materials.