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This workshop is to do with your sensory perception of the natural world and how to interpret it in a creative and poetic way. The walk will be a 'forage' for objects, sounds, colours, smells and textures.  Making notes along the way, we will relate colours, smells, textures and sounds to emotions and memories. We will weave all these elements together in a poetic way by creating cyanotypes (sun prints) of our chosen objects which can also incorporate some of our words. It is suitable for all levels of ability.

Projects include:

Making notes and sketches

Finding similes (comparing one thing to another) from our collection

Creating a 'poem' from our list of  descriptive words

Making cyanoytpes on paper

A cyanotype is a way of printing a negative shape onto a photosensitive surface. Where the UV light penetrates, the surface turns a beautiful blue.

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